How to get your Boat Licence Online

Our Online Training courses (OLT) are designed to enable students to work at their own pace and complete the course in one (1) or more sessions depending on the time they have available.

A maximum of four (4) weeks from the day of Enrolment is set down by Qld Transport OLT regulations. It's your choice to use a Computer, Tablet, Smartphone or a combination of those devices (a large screen is a recommended option).

To start a course simply do a quick personal registration. After registering your personal login, check your email for a confirmation link. Then just select your desired course to self enroll to commence training. (Register here to get started)

No Upfront Fee To Enrol

  • Started immediately, Free self enrolment
  • No upfront payment or credit card required to enrol
  • The training and assessment fee is paid to your Allstate Boat Licensing & Training Assessor when you attend the practical assessment
  • If you have a gift certificate you would present that when attending the practical assessment

How to Sign Up for Online Boat Licence Course in Qld

To ensure you get credited for the Online Training (OLT) you need to do a quick personal registration (Sign Up).

  • Registration "Sign up" is at the area at top of screen, specify a unique Username, it can be an email address or other ID you can remember (to login to OLT with)
  • Set your personal Password (to login to OLT with)
  • Enter your current email address (please double check it is correctly entered)
  • Enter your phone or mobile number
  • You will immediately be sent an email asking to confirm registration
  • Please remember to check your Junk / Spam folder if it's not in your inbox

How to Enrol in your Preferred Course

  • After Registration confirmation you just select your preferred course
  • To automatically be self enroled use the preferred training location enrolment key (enrolment key list in the confirmation email)
  • Your enrolment access in the selected OLT course is valid for 4 Weeks, after that you will need to restart the desired course, there is no requirement to re-register
  • Simply return and login if doing the course in more than one (1) session, please remember to check your Junk folder for enrollment details, if it does not display in your inbox

BoatSafe scheme

The BoatSafe scheme is a framework for recreational marine driver licence (RMDL) and personal watercraft licence (PWCL) training and assessment in Queensland.

The training and assessment is provided by BoatSafe Training Organisations (BTOs).
  • To provide BoatSafe training and assessment, a BTO must employ a BoatSafe Training Provider (BTP) who will provide the training and assessment on their behalf.
  • The BTO must notify the Department of Transport and Main Roads (the department) when they nominate BTPs to carry out the training and assessment on their behalf.
  • The BTPs must also be endorsed by the department before they can commence delivery of the BoatSafe training and assessment.
The scheme aims to enhance:
  • boating safety by ensuring applicants for a RMDL or PWCL have demonstrated their competency to operate these watercraft.
  • the knowledge and skills, the standard of training and assessment, and professionalism within the recreational sector of the maritime industry; and
  • set the benchmark for RMDL and PWCL training and assessment.
Allstate Boat Licensing and Training is Maritime Safety Queenslands' BoatSafe No.1 approved Training Organisation.
Making Allstate your No.1 your logical choice for boat and jet ski licence training in Qld because our friendly professional trainers are,
highly qualified, practical specialists in: